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Funny Face drink mix

Pillsbury introduced this line of flavored-powder drink mix in 1964, after having watched Kool-Aid dominate the market for decades. The main distinguishing feature of the new line gave it its name: Funny Face, after the amusing, wacky cartoon characters featured on each packet. But the mix was also pre-sweetened (unlike Kool-Aid), at first using calcium cyclamate, and featured the same fruity flavors always popular with kids (including such un-PC flavors as Injun Orange and Chinese Cherry, later renamed Jolly Olly Orange and Choo Choo Cherry after the usual complaints). Backed by heavy advertising and the opportunity for kids to send away for premiums, the line did approximately $15 million in sales for the next four years.

Unfortunately, calcium cyclamate was found to give cancer to lab rats, so the FDA banned its use in 1969. Pillsbury retooled the Funny Face line to offer unsweetened packs in addition to the presweetened (which now used saccharine). The brand held on for another decade - always somewhat behind Kool-Aid in sales - and in 1980 was sold off to manufacturer Brady Enterprises, who continued the product but in limited distribution.

Funny Face drink mix The Pillsbury Funny Face flavors (in alphabetical order):
Captain Black Cherry
Chilly Cherry Cola
Chinese Cherry
Choo Choo Cherry
Freckle Face Strawberry
Goofy Grape
Injun Orange
Jolly Olly Orange
Lefty Lemonade
Lefty Lemon-Lime
Loud Mouth Lime
Loud Mouth Punch
Pistol Pink Lemonade
Rah-Rah Rootbeer
Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry
Rudi Tutti-Frutti
Tart Lil' Imitation Lemonade
Tart 'N' Tangy Lemon
With-It Watermelon

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